Paul Simon's New House in Wimberley, Texas

Apr 21, 2018


Welcome to Kimberly Ann’s Designs Studio, your ultimate destination for Arts & Entertainment in the field of Visual Arts and Design. In this article, we will take you on an exclusive journey to discover Paul Simon's magnificent new house located in Wimberley, Texas. Join us as we explore the captivating details and the buzz it has created in the community.

Unveiling a Masterpiece

Perched gracefully amidst the serene landscapes of Wimberley, Texas, Paul Simon's new house stands as a true masterpiece of design and architectural innovation. This expansive property showcases the perfect blend of contemporary elegance and rustic charm.

Architectural Brilliance

The architectural brilliance of Paul Simon's new house is truly awe-inspiring. Designed by renowned architect [Architect Name], every aspect of this residence reflects a harmonious connection with the surrounding natural beauty.

Exquisite Interior Design

The interior design of Paul Simon's new house is a testament to his impeccable taste and artistic vision. Step inside and you'll be greeted by an enchanting ambiance that seamlessly combines comfort, functionality, and artistic flair.

Artisanal Details

Every corner of Paul Simon's new house is adorned with artisanal details that add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness. From handcrafted furniture to carefully selected art pieces, every element contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal.

A Nature-inspired Haven

Surrounded by the picturesque beauty of Wimberley, Paul Simon's new house effortlessly blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. With sprawling gardens and panoramic views, it offers a tranquil retreat that fosters inspiration and creativity.

Community Impact

The arrival of Paul Simon's new house in Wimberley, Texas, has generated significant buzz and admiration within the local community. It has become a topic of discussion among locals and visitors alike, contributing to the vibrant Arts & Entertainment scene.

Experience the Magic

At Kimberly Ann’s Designs Studio, we invite you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Paul Simon's new house in Wimberley, Texas. Whether you are an art enthusiast, design lover, or simply seek inspiration, this exceptional property will leave you captivated.


As we conclude our virtual tour of Paul Simon's new house, we hope you have experienced the essence of this architectural gem. At Kimberly Ann’s Designs Studio, we strive to bring you the most captivating stories from the world of Arts & Entertainment in Visual Arts and Design. Stay tuned for more exciting content and be inspired to explore the limitless possibilities of creativity!

Amanda Watson-Thompson
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Oct 18, 2023
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Oct 11, 2023
Nancy Lieberman
Looks like a 🌟 gem in Wimberley! Can't wait to see inside!
Oct 7, 2023
Merita Zoga
I admire how Paul Simon's new house reflects his artistic personality.
Aug 27, 2023
Erik Bjornstrom
The fusion of art and architecture in Paul Simon's new house is captivating.
Feb 18, 2023
William Nowicki
The landscaping around Paul Simon's house in Wimberley, Texas looks serene and beautiful.
Jun 24, 2022
Paul Simon's choice of Wimberley, Texas for his new home is inspiring.
Mar 31, 2022
Jamie Brown
The article provides great insight into Paul Simon's artistic lifestyle.
Aug 17, 2021
Norma Hernandez
I can't wait to see the interior design of Paul Simon's new house!
May 2, 2021
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Exploring Paul Simon's new home in Wimberley, Texas is truly a visual delight!
Apr 2, 2020
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I'm fascinated by the architectural design of Paul Simon's new house.
Feb 23, 2020
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Wimberley, Texas seems like the perfect setting for Paul Simon's creative retreat.
Oct 12, 2018